My Grandfather served aboard the ship during the war, he would often refer to remembering the ships passage through the Panama Canal and his time in the Pacific.  It was important to him to share the memories and history with our family.  He made a point to take my sister and I to visit the ship and reunion in 84.  What an awesome display to have been built in its time.  Grateful it was brought to Alabama and preserved.

Eddie Fletcher, 2015-06-14


Today is the 50th reunion of the USS ALABAMA Crewmens Association.  As I write this my thoughts are with my mom and two sisters as they are there to help celebrate.  The one thing missing is my dad, oh how he wanted to be at the celebration.  He hardly ever missed the reunions.  Today they will pay tribute to him and all the others that served.  I hope to see some pictures.  I know he is looking down today feeling pride that he served and that my family got to be on the ship today. 

Brenda Dean, 2015-04-11

I am a native of Mobile and always loved the memories as a child visiting the USS Alabama.   I took my fiancé to visit it for his first time and he is thrilled to return.  I am happy that he and I have such a passion for our patriotic past and we both enjoy these historical icons.

Brittany Goodwin and Kevin Cornell, 2014-06-25


Wow!! The ship looks awesome on the inside and outside. As a member of the Historic Naval Ships Association I try to go to ship museums as often as possible and your museum was one of the best I have been to. from the wonderful staff in the front to the guys I met on the ship everyone couldn't have been nicer. Seeing all of the efforts of the staff and also of the Active Navy volunteers was amazing. The ship keeps getting better!! And special thanks to Owen for showing me some of the stories behind the stories to better humanize the ship to me. Too often that is lost!

--David Cohen, 2014-11-24

I visited the ship in 1990. 

My Mother, Ellen Rambo Bickerstaff and my father Howard Jefferson Bickerstaff, were stationed in Balboa Panama Canal Zone. My mom watched the Alabama cross through the locks on her last voyage to Mobile, Alabama. 

She would watch the ships every morning before teaching school at Ft. Clayton. 1961-1962

--Jeff Bickerstaff, 2014-08-12

My family and I had the special treat to visit the USS Alabama this year back in February with some very good friends of ours, who have been a bunch of times. It was so cool to see the way that our soldiers lived on the ship, how much particular items were back then, to see and learn about all the history and to share all of that with my dad who was in the Navy at that time. My 2 sons where also with us and had a blast they learned so much and even got extra credit in school for bringing in stuff from our trip to the battle ship and our trip to Gulf Shores. 

Thank you to all our veterans (past, present, and future) who sacrificed their lives, families, and most of all their freedom so we could have ours. 

Thank you to all those who serve and thank you daddy William F Allen, Sr. of Durham NC (who made it home) for your sacrifice for our country I LOVE YOU 

--Lizel Stone, 2013-12-02

it was exciting and my 2nd visit 

--Daniel, 2013-10-18

Spent countless nights onboard when I was a boy scout. It was my favorite time of year when we had our annual overnight stays. Love that Battleship. Know every inch of it. Can't wait to take my own kids to see it some day 

--Franklin Lee, 2013-07-09

We are from a small community in Kentucky. We travelled over 10 hours to reach the USS Alabama Battleship. I visited the battleship over 20 years ago as a child and wanted my 2 sons to experience this great piece of history. They were in awe as we explored the battleship and the submarine as well as the air hanger and memorial sites for nearly 5 hours. This is an experience that everyone should partake in as this is our history. Thank you all for this opportunity and may it continue as one day my son's sons and daughters can relive a part of our American history. 

--Jeremy Nance, Kentucky, 2013-06-25

My battleship moment was when the USS Alabama first came to Mobile. I was in grammar school at Forest Hill Elementary and we all collected money to pay the salvage and the ship was towed and moored. Then they invited all of the grammar school kids to come for a visit. It was just a shell and we climbed all over it. You can't imagine how many ladders are on a ship but I think we climbed them all! 

--Steve Cahoon, 2013-06-17

I have not yet visited, just wanted to say THANK YOU TO ALL VETERANS for your service to our COUNTRY. ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

--Joe Mazurkiewicz, 2013-05-28

My moment was seeing the big smiles on my kid's face when they saw the planes and ships 

--Christopher Stone, 2013-02-25

My dad boarded the ALABAMA in 1942 as an electricians mate right after the 1st shakedown cruise off the New England coast. He sailed with her until the end of the war, departing late in 1945. 

Sadly, I missed my chance to walk the ship with him. As much as he would love to reboard, his 91 year old legs won't handle the ladders. 

I salute you, Dad, and your fellow sailors! 

--Mary Spengler, 2013-01-10

I cannot wait for the moment when Pack 363 meets up together on the USS Alabama!! 

--Casey Roberts, 2012-03-09

Came down from Arkansas for the bowl. I loved touring the ship and submarine. The tanks were very impressive as well. 

The highlight was meeting the POW in the gift shop. 

Thank you so much! 

--Colin Hall, 2012-01-11

Just to be there was wonderful. To think of our men being on the ship day after day defending our country. Brought me to my knees. A BIG THANKS to ALL our SERVICE MEN then and now. 

--Troy Spivey, 2011-11-21

I worked on this ship in 1979-1980. I was a welder and work with Bob Alexander. Thanks for the time that I worked there. 

--Tim Guthrie, Sr., 2011-08-22

Around the age of thirteen, my father and I stopped at the USS ALABAMA in Mobile on a trip to Texas. I knew that I wanted to join the service, but standing on the deck of that ship sealed my fate. 

I joined NJROTC in high school, then only five days after graduation, I was on my way to NTC/RTC San Diego for both boot and apprenticeship training. Then ending up on an LPD which in a twist of fate was the Juneau part of the second reason I joined the movie on the Sullivan Bros. all of which died on the USS Juneau CL-52. Just last week, I passed by the ship on a trip to New Orleans, she\'s still as pretty as I remember her. 

Thank you for keeping such a important part of our history to inspire other future Boatswains mates such as me. 

--Fred McFarland, 2011-05-05

I remember when I was eight years old getting to visit the USS Alabama! It was awesome! The thing that stands out the most is the lady that was painted on the wall in the room with the large guns on the ship ... 

--Amanda Hall, 2011-04-08

My great Uncle, F.E. Hornish, servied on board the USS ALABAMA (BB-8) in 1907. He lived in Olean NY and enlisted in 1905 as a \"Marine\". He was discharged in 1909. Our extended family is very proud of his service in defense of our country. 

--David Jackson, 2011-01-19


We visited the park in 2003.  Beautiful ship!

Vincent Vance, 2003-05-06


I went to Orange Beach with my wife . . . she sort of dragged me along.  I tend to be a stick in the mud.  But she pointed out I was within a short trip of the USS Alabama.  I was intrigued.

The ship was awesome.  A huge, hulking fortress of steel. . . the spear of Columbia, the sword of Washington.  I will visit her again.

Timothy Hill, 2006-01-26