Hands-On History

History, technology, engineering, mathematics and science are all in a hands-on learning environment aboard the USS Alabama, where learning is a joy and fun. Students will explore how all of the STEM practices were used to run and maneuver this 45-ton mammoth ship. Learn how engineering was vital in the construction of the ship and science, technology and mathematics enabled precise movements in an unstable sea, during battle and docking. See the amazing history of the ship and its crew in the battle for America’s Freedom. Civic lessons combined with hands-on experience encourages questions and empowers students to become leaders that are honest, confident and disciplined. The goal of the Education Program is to enable students to apply what they learn at Battleship Memorial Park throughout their lives.

Our programs are designed to meet educational standards, while having fun learning aboard the ship and in the park. The unique resources in the USS Alabama Memorial Park offer the students a memorable, life-long experience by changing the way they learn. Dive into history to feel the power.


World War II Fast Facts








Are you looking for a field trip that is relevant to curriculum and provides a tangible hands-on learning experience for your students?
Look no further than the awe-inspiring U.S.S. Alabama Battleship! Opportunities abound for excitement, fun, and real-world application for all ages!


When scheduling your field trip, book a classroom activity in the onboard classrooms to complete your experience! All classroom activities correlate with exhibit content; promoting history, reading, art, music and STEM based learning, and leadership and character development. Classroom activities have been aligned with the standards of learning for Alabama, Florida, and Mississippi schools. All classes must be booked no later than the week before a scheduled trip. Available 9:00-12:00 Monday-Friday on a 1st come basis. 15-25 students per class. Teacher must be present in classrooms. Due to limited space, chaperones cannot be accommodated in the classrooms.


USS ALABAMA Battleship Memorial Park does not offer lunch options. Groups are encouraged to pack picnic lunches and enjoy use of the park picnic pavilions overlooking the Battleship USS Alabama. To ensure the best experience for all visitors, we kindly ask that teachers who wish to utilize our picnic tables for their groups request a time slot in advance. This helps us manage the availability of the tables and ensures that everyone can enjoy their time at USS ALABAMA Battleship Memorial Park.


Admission $ 5.00  |  Admission + Flight Simulator $ 11.00 | Admission + Virtual Reality Experience $9.00


Payments for school field trips to be paid one week in advance of visit. For every 10 students, one teacher or chaperone will receive free tour admission. School bus and motor coach parking is free of charge. There is a $5.00 Park Entry Fee for vehicles. We ask that teachers be responsible for collecting money and purchasing tickets for the entire class in order to receive the school field trip discount. School check, credit card or cash are accepted. We do not accept personal checks, Purchase Orders or bills larger than $20.

USS Alabama Battleship Payment options


A detailed itinerary will be provided to each school that books in advance. The itinerary will include stops at all the highlights in Battleship Memorial Park. Students can enter gun turrets, view crew’s quarters, the brig, sick bay, the galley, an engine room and much more. There are 12 decks open for touring aboard the USS ALABAMA. The main deck is handicapped accessible and our restrooms are located there.

After touring the USS ALABAMA, students can head down to the Medal of Honor Aircraft Pavilion where they can view historic airplanes such as the A-12 “Blackbird” spy plane, a gull-winged Corsair, and a P51-D Mustang Red Tail, an airplane like the one flown by the valiant Tuskegee Airmen. See Marine One, the Presidential helicopter, the Red Ball Express supply truck, a PBR boat, and many other exciting exhibits. Don’t forget to take a ride on the Flight Simulator (additional fees apply).

Submarine USS DRUM will be your next stop. Experience how her crew of 72 worked and lived aboard this historic submarine. The USS DRUM may be viewed from every vantage point, inside and out.

Before you leave the Park, we invite you to visit the 9/11 Fallen Heroes Monument, the Vietnam and Korean War Memorials, and our incredible array of outdoor exhibits on the grounds.


Groups should allow 2 – 2 ½ hours for the self guided tour.  The Battleship requires that teachers and chaperones remain with students at all times while visiting the park.  Please be mindful that Battleship Memorial Park is a living memorial to all Alabama and American veterans, and both the battleship USS ALABAMA and submarine USS DRUM are National Historic Landmarks. We ask that students not run, jump, climb, scream, roughhouse, or throw things while touring.


For questions or to make a reservation, contact: 
AMY RYAN  |  251-433-2703  |


Secret Language of Ships

Nautical flags come in different shapes, sizes and colors. They can represent alphabet flags or numerical pennants, and combined they convey different meanings. If you are interested in the meaning behind nautical flags and would like to understand them, keep reading!

Despite all sorts of electronic navigation and communication gear aboard vessels, mariners still use nautical flags for communication in situations that require speed.

Even if the international flags are used to communicate in all scenarios, on occasions we see the use of secret languages with flags. For instance, the US Navy signals its staff to communicate between ships.  Also, NATO uses the same nautical flags with some additional ones for warships or in short sets to communicate with unclassified messages.

Shapes and types are essential for boating flags. Nautical flags are most common in the forms of squares, but you can also see pendants (triangular with a flat tip). There are 26 square nautical flags representing the letters of the alphabet. There are also 10 numbered pendants, one answering pendant and three substitutes.

On occasions you can see substitutes, which are triangles, however, these are less common. Also, the only colors you will find in signal flags are black, blue, red, yellow and white. This is because these colors stand out well and can be seen with your own eyes on the horizon or through binoculars.

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meet our crew

Amy Raley Ryan
Education Programs Director

“My personal education philosophy has always been to inspire others to learn more, strive for excellence, move forward in innovation, and honor our local and national heritage. I look forward to employing this philosophy at the USS Alabama, and moving forward in the confidence that our Education Department will touch the lives of all our guests and visitors.”

Megan Rudd
Battleship Educator

Megan has always held the firm belief that all students are capable of learning and no two students learn the same. She wants to help the younger generation understand the importance of patriotism by honoring those who have served our country and celebrating our Nation’s history.

Carrie Summers
Battleship Educator

Carrie’s goal is for students to understand and learn from the past through exciting, hands-on activities.

Collin Reed
Education Ambassador

Collin’s goal is for students to understand why learning about history is extremely important. They learn not only to honor the people who served our country, but also understand how history affects current events today.

The USS Alabama is excited to offer ANCHOR ACADEMIES for kids! These week-long Anchor Academies will be open to all rising 1st– 6th grade students. Academies are full of fun and enriching activities; hands-on object learning, art, outdoor activities, STEM activities, and guest speakers! Students will explore and learn more about the USS Alabama and World War II through deeper engagement with the exhibits on the USS Alabama and with our experts, and will have daily hands-on activities with artifacts.

Please list all special considerations for students on the registration form, or email them to AMY RYAN.


BEHAVIOR: Our trained educators will provide a positive, nurturing and flexible environment for all children; but inappropriate behavior such as fighting, inappropriate language, and other disruptive behaviors will not be tolerated. Children that continue these behaviors will be dismissed and the weekly tuition will not be refunded.

camp details


Summer 2024

June 3rd – 7th – FULL

June 10th – 14th – FULL

July 8th – 12th  – FULL

July 15th – 19th – FULL


$100 Weekly


8:30 AM – 3:00 PM
Drop off begins at 8:00 AM
(in Aircraft Pavilion)
Pick up by 3:30 PM
(in Aircraft Pavilion)


Morning and afternoon snack provided
Sack lunch from home
(Battleship will not provide lunches)