World War II comes to life every other month aboard the BB-60 with the Living History Crew.  These historical reenactors, dressed in WWII period Navy uniforms, demonstrate what life aboard ship was like during wartime.  They share stories from our original crewmen, conduct weapons briefings, and demonstrate drills while aboard ship.

The Living History Crew is made up of volunteers who travel from across the southeast.  Among the projects these volunteers have worked on is the restoration of the 20mm guns and the 40mm guns, the repair and installation of the life rafts aboard ship, and the construction of the canvas gun covers and new cots.

Want to join the Living History Crew?

If you are a WWII lover and would like to get involved, please contact:

For more information on the Living History Crew please follow their facebook page at USS ALABAMA and USS DRUM Living History Crew.

The Living History Crew is operated as a volunteer program through our Curation Department.


*Dates may change. Please visit our calendar of events for confirmation.


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